• Are you absolutely sure you haven't overpaid?

    Our Clients Were Thinking…

    Almost all our clients started out thinking they were paying the right amount of customs duty on their imports. Imagine their astonishment when we discovered hundreds of thousands and in some cases millions of dollars in overpayments.

    How is this possible? An importer’s customs duty exposure can be a complex matter involving valuation, end use provisions, country of origin provisions, dumping, free trade agreements, free trade zones, rulings, ruling reversals, duty drawbacks and a complex customs tariff. Duty relief in any of these areas can easily be missed.

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  • Who Is ALB Consulting Group And What Does It Do?

    We are specialists in customs duty reduction and customs duty recovery in Canada and the USA. Our clients range from small to very sophisticated companies who use our services to ensure they are paying the least amount of customs duty permissible by law.

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  • How Are We Different From Other Customs Consultants?

    Our research spans the globe and includes tariff classification deliberations at the World Customs Organization, the US Court of International Trade, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal and unpublished rulings.

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What's In It For You?

  • Buried Treasure

    Buried Treasure

    We find buried treasure in your company's customs records using our REDOSETM process.

  • Lower Costs on Goods

    Lower Costs on Goods

    By reducing customs duty payable, we lower your landed costs on goods.

  • Improved Margins

    Improved Margins

    Reduced customs duties can improve your margins.

  • Improved Sales

    Improved Sales

    A lower cost on goods will allow you to lower prices and improve sales.

Expert Customs Duty Reduction and Recovery Services