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Arash Ramnifar

US Drawback Specialist and Licensed Broker

Arash Raminfar excels in the field of US duty drawbacks, other US post entry amendments, and compliance protocol implementation. This means when a US importer pays duty on goods that are subsequently exported, Arash’s is able to set up and managing duty recovery systems to recapture the previously paid duty. He is also an expert at correcting and reclaiming US customs entries where duty was overpaid.

During the past decade, Mr. Raminfar has served in numerous capacities for consulting firms, express consignment carriers, importers, and the government. Prior to establishing ClearPoint International, Arash was a Supervising Senior Tax Specialist for the KPMG’s Trade & Customs Practice advising U.S. Fortune 500 and multinational companies on a host of customs-related issues.

Before joining KPMG, Mr. Raminfar was the Senior Customs Compliance Administrator for DHL Airway’s in-house customs brokerage department. Previously, he worked for the US Customs Service in the Fines, Penalties & Forfeiture Office. He has also served as the Customs Administrator for Warner Bros. Studio Stores.

Mr. Raminfar earned his B.A. in Economics from the University of Southern California and is a Licensed Customs Broker in the USA.

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